1899 engineers' memorandum book

there's an old magazine called "carpenter" in which an ad claims that james orr originated the overall in 1849 in wappinger falls, new york. i'm not sure about that claim as the overall seems like the kind of garment that would not have been designed by any one particular person. sweet, orr & co. was established in 1871 and had a new york office at 345 broadway. at some point they established a factory in newburgh, new york that was in addition to their operation wappinger falls but i don't have an exact date for that building. i'll list more information as i put the sweet-orr story together.

this engineers memorandum book is from 1899, and it is the oldest "time book" in my collection. there are more pages with advertising than i'm showing here, mostly jingles extolling the virtues of sweet, orr & co.'s product line. in particular i like the tickets (we call them labels now) that you are being directed to look for, and the narrow pencil stall pocket on the overall's apron.

e-mail me if you would like to see images of the other pages in this book.